Limited run Pre order P365 Grip Module [scheduled for Feb 2023]

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[This is a limited run pre order that is scheduled for Feb 2023

Looking to add some much needed grip to your Sig Sauer P365? Look no further than our Stipple Package. Whether you are sending us your grip or having us provide you with a new one we have what you need to upgrade your EDC.

Choose from either our "Lakeside Classic" border layout or our "Full Border" layout for the border outline of your grip module.

Our "Lakeside Classic" border layout as seen in the pics below adds texture up through the beavertail and leaves the thumb rest area of your grip module smooth.

Our "Full Border" layout leaves the beavertail section of your grip module smooth but adds extra texturing to the thumb rest area of your grip module.

We also have the option to add a matching 12 or 15 round mag to your order.

Each order is processed in the order it was received.  You will receive an email once your order has shipped. I appreciate it very much and look forward to your build.